Cover Strips

Cover strips are used to protect or improve the design of a structural system by covering channels or profile faces, such as in aluminium profiles and cables channels. Cover strips are also used to fix together certain profile types, ensuring a well-structured application often creating a watertight unit to ensure cables are well protected.

Structural profile cover strips have a range are split into different families, some of these families that RS Components stock are Bosch Rexroth, FlexLink and RS Structural Systems. These families can accommodate a range of profile strut sizes, in this section of the website you can choose to browse products that fit anywhere between 20mm to 90mm.

Cover Strip Applications

  • Aluminium profiles

  • Enclosures

  • Cables

  • Room edges

Benefits of Cover Strips

  • Reduces build-up of dirt and other debris

  • Safety from potentially dangerous items, such as screws and bolts

  • Durability and reliability

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