Flap Discs

Flap discs are made from layers of abrasive cloth consisting of abrasive material such as:● Ceramic● Nylon● Zirconia Aluminium● Zirconium DioxideThe abrasive cloth is angled on a supporting plate and last up to 10 times longer than conventional fibre discs. How do they work?After selecting the right disc for application, the disc is attached to a corded or cordless angle grinder. Grinding with a consistent push pull technique will produce the best results. For use on wood, metal, painted surfaces and masonry.As the material wears away it exposes a new, fresh face of abrasive therefore achieving much higher material removal. Flap discs are particularly effective for rust removal and general finishing.Flap Disc Grades● Coarse - have a grit size of P40● Medium - have a grit size of P60 and P80● Fine - have a grit size of P120Uses ● Construction● Metal Work● Car Body repair

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Description Price Disc Diameter Abrasive Material Disc Type Grade Grit Size
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115mm Zirconia Aluminium Flap Disc Medium P80