Flanges, Feet & Castors

Flanges, feet and castors are types of accessories designed to be used with structural systems such as beams, round tubes, square tubes and strut profiles. These products can be used to help construct a wide variety of furniture structures such as guarding enclosures, work benches, general enclosures and other workplace fixtures.

RS Components offers a great range of sizes, styles and types of flanges, feet and castors manufactured from different materials such as aluminium, die cast zinc, steel and plastic in order to meet all your design and construction needs.

Types of Flanges

  • Base flanges can be used for structural support for upright posts such as guard railing

  • Wall flanges are a type of pipe ideal for handrails to walls or base applications

  • Railing flange used to fix down guard railing and balustrades

  • Flange clamp designs enables the clamping of various tube sections

Types of Feet

Feet are designed to provide a strong positioning on uneven floors and ideal for levelling items and come in a number of thread sizes, various types available include:

  • Adjustable levelling foot

  • Pivoting Feet

Types of Castors

Castors are a type of wheel and come in various sizes (diameter mm). Wider tread widths will increase the grip but can also reduce the wheel mobility. Wheel diameter and wheel material are both important factors to consider as you need one suitable for the surface it will be mostly used on. Wheel material will also effect the castor’s load capacity. They can come with or without brakes and can have plates which are either square or rectangular. Various types available include:

  • Swivel castor

  • Fixed castor

  • Black nylon and Grey rubber are economical, non-marking and suitable for almost all applications

  • White nylon is more suited to higher load capacity and heavy duty applications

Typical applications include:

  • Water treatment facilities
    Retail and restaurant
    Parks and recreation
    Lighting grids
    Set design and props
    Exhibition and display stands

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