Locking Handles

What are Locking Handles?

Locking handles are designed to mount on the front doors of cabinets, lockers and enclosures to provide a secure mechanical locking application. Locking handles are specially designed to be more compact than standard door locks, making them ideal for use on equipment such as enclosures, filing cabinets and display cabinets.

How do they work?

Secure the handle to a cabinet door or enclosure, place the key in the locking mechanism and rotate clockwise to lock.

What are the key features?

• Suitable for a wide range of configurations
• Excellent corrosion resistance
• Durable and reliable operation
• Multiple size, material and access configurations

What different types are there?

Locking handles are available with various types of locking mechanism to suit a wide range of applications and security types.

Locking Handle Types:

• T- Bar Handles
• Garage Handles
• Lever Handles
• Wing Handles

Which application would you use it?

• Office Furniture
• Security
• Storage
• Cabinet Hardware

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