Display Bezels

A display bezel or screen bezel is the area of a display surrounding the screen. A display bezel can be made of plastic, aluminium or rubber, with various individual measurements for each side. Display bezels in laptops, tablets and LCD screens are much thinner than in standard television or computer screens, resulting in a larger screen size.

Display bezels act as the front face of a display device and may have openings for one or more drive bays. These drive bays allows the user to add devices like optical drives or internal hard drives.

What are display bezels used for?

Display bezels are found in all screens, monitors and computer towers. Devices like smartphones, tablets and notebooks all have display bezels.

Types of display bezels

  • Open frame display bezels mount from the backend and are equipped with brackets.
  • Chassis display bezels are enclosed within a stainless steel bezel, and are primarily used in industrial environments.
  • Panel mount display bezels are useful when displays have to fit into rugged frames or openings. These bezels mount from the front directly into the opening.

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RS庫存編號 446-2165
製造零件編號BEZ 700-IP
- 20.6 x 49.8mm 35.2 x 65.2mm 35.2mm 65.2mm 20.6mm 49.8mm - -
RS庫存編號 332-1906
製造零件編號BEZ 900-IP
- 24.2 x 51.2mm 48.5 x 80.5mm 48.5mm 80.5mm 24.2mm 51.2mm - -