Push Wire Terminals

Push wire terminals, sometimes referred to as grip wire connectors, are used for connecting wires without the need for solderor screws. They are either pushed closed with pliers or by hand, or they contain spring clips that you can operate manually.

Youll find them an easy-to-use terminal type for connecting various gauges of wire, including solid and stranded wires.

Types of push wire terminals

The two main types are spring-loaded push grip terminals and brass one-way terminals, which need to be closed with pliers.

Push wire terminals come in a range of designs and a variety of sizes for different gauges of wire and different voltage ratings. They can be single or multi-way connectors. Designs range from clear polycarbonate connector housings for easy inspection, with multiple connectors and a voltage testing port, to slim one-way wire connectors for confined spaces.

What are push wire terminals used for?

Push wire terminals are used as splice connectors for electrical installations, such as lightingand wiring systems. This includes retrofitting and repairs, electrical signage and almost anywhere you need to connect light to medium gauge wires together.

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