RJ Socket Modules & Blanks

RJ (registered jack) socket modules are devices used to act as a jack for different types of connectors, so that they can connect to the registered jack. Registered jacks are a standardised connection most often used in connecting cables to the back of a computer.

What are RJ socket modules used for?

RJ socket modules are designed to allow cables to connect to a registered jack. For example, you might need cat5 cabling to connect to the standardised connection, so you would utilise a socket module.

Types of RJ socket modules

The main way RJ socket modules differ is in the type of cable they are designed to work with, for example cat5, cat6 or cat7. You can find socket modules with a very specific design, depending on their direction, orientation and shield type, as well as being of varying colours and sizes.

Faceplates can also be considered a type of socket module, as can floorboxes and data com models.

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Description Price Type LAN Category Interface Type Orientation Shield Type Blank Size Colour Length Width Depth Series Series Number
RS庫存編號 387-7774
製造零件編號854-35016 387-774-WH
/個 (每包:10個)
Blank - - - - Quarter White 50mm 12.5mm - Alpha Snap -
RS庫存編號 387-7780
製造零件編號854-35017 387-7780-WH
/個 (每包:10個)
Blank - - - - Half White 50mm 25mm - Alpha Snap -
RS庫存編號 387-7617
製造零件編號852-05012 A/S C5E MODULE STP
Datacom Module Cat5e RJ45 Straight STP - - 50mm 25mm - Alpha Snap -