Telephone Extension Cables

Telephone extension cable is a flexible extension lead used to communicate data from a phone or modem to a BT plug. Their extension length allows them to extend the capabilities of the current cable. Copper wires within the extension cable are used to transmit low voltage, high frequency electrical loads across long distances.

Fibre optic cables can also be considered a type of telecommunications cable and are at the cutting edge of communications as they have been designed to handle very high bandwidths.

What are telephone extension cables used for?

Telephone extension cables are used as a way of achieving long-distance communication. This includes telephones, television and computer communications.

Telephone extension cables differ mostly because of their cable connections. BT telephone sockets were introduced into people’s homes so they could have access to a telephone and broadband. There are two types of BT plug connectors, 431A which is 4-way and 631A which is 6-way.

The connector on the telephone is not standard but is typically a RJ11, 6P4C or 6P2C modular connector. In order to use broadband a DSL filter is necessary allowing low frequency noise to not be affected by high frequency data. The RJ11 and ADSL plugs can both connect to the DSL filter by using the sockets provided.

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