Cable Sleeving Tape

Cable sleeving tape, or harness tape, is a type of electrical insulation tape that's used to protect and bundle wire. It's made from high-quality materials, such as polyester, with a strong synthetic-based adhesive that holds up well against heat and abrasion.

Cable sleeving tape applications

Cable sleeving tape can be used for a variety of applications at home and at work. It's most commonly used for cable harnessing (bundling wires together) in the automotive industry. The hot melt or heat shrink tape variety is also useful as a protective wrap on cables and irregular shapes where heat-shrink sleeves(a shrinkable plastic tube used to insulate wires) is difficult to apply.

Features and benefits of cable sleeving tape

Features and benefits of cable sleeving table include:

  • Offers strong adhesive capabilities that are resistant to heat
  • Can generally be removed from smooth surfaces cleanly
  • Easy to handle – flexible, soft and can be torn by hand
  • Long-lasting performance – doesn't rot or age
  • Comes in different thickness for different applications

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Description Price Material Shrink Ratio Length Colour Width Minimum Operating Temperature Maximum Operating Temperature
RS庫存編號 481-2194
製造零件編號354-02259 HMT200A-EVA-CL (50)
EVA - 50m Transparent 25 mm -50°C +105°C
RS庫存編號 815-6729
製造零件編號354-02260 HMT200A-EVA-CL (10)
EVA - 10m Clear - -55°C +105°C
RS庫存編號 800-4249
製造零件編號380-04004 LVRK-24/6-200-PO-X-BK
整套:1 個
Polyolefin 4:1 200mm Black - -55°C +125°C