Digital Power Meters

A digital power meter is an electric meter that measures the amount of electrical energy consumed by residences, businesses or electrically powered devices. These meters continuously measure the instantaneous voltage and current to give a reading of energy used. The quantity of the reading is given by a numerical display.

What are digital power meters used for?

The primary function of a digital power meter is to measure energy consumption. These meters can also record other parameters of the load and supply of energy. For example, maximum rates of usage demands, voltages, power factors and reactive factors are also measured by power meters. A further use is time-of-day billing, where the amount of energy consumed can be split into on-peak and off-peak hours.

Types of digital power meters

The choice of a digital power meter depends on the functionality you require for energy consumption measurement. This could be either management and monitoring of network power quality or level and cost of consumption. Devices can allocate energy usage for tenant metering, sub-billing and highlight energy saving time periods. Power consumption measurements can be done on three-phase or single-phase networks.

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