Push Button & Control Stations

pPush button control stations provide a housing for certain industrial types of a href="/web/c/automation-control-gear/industrial-push-buttons-pilot-lights-control-stations/push-button-complete-units/" target="_self"push buttons/a, with some fitting multiple buttons. They are usually made of a tough material such as polycarbonate or stainless steel./pph2What are push button control stations used for?/h2/ppPush buttons are used in hundreds of applications, many of which you'll come across daily, but push button control stations tend to be restricted to use in industrial settings. They often provide a rugged casing for the buttons, which offers protection from rigorous use and in potentially hazardous environments. /pph2Types of push button control stations/h2/ppPush button control stations vary depending on what the push buttons are being used for. This often determines the number and type of buttons needed. For example, two push buttons to start and stop a piece of machinery might be housed in a single push button control station, with a green button for go and a red one for stop. Some push button control stations are designed to prevent accidental operation of the button, with a twisting motion or a separate key needed to complete the function. /p

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RS庫存編號 136-5933
製造零件編號RF HB SW868-4CH
RF HB - 1, 2, 3, 4 Grey, Red - Grey, Red Wireless Thermoplastic IP54 - Push Push 48.2mm 30mm 87.9mm